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New Customers
       Every new customer is provided with a FREE in-home consultation.

  • Meeting with the pet and owner to get him/her familiar with the walker/sitter
  • Discussing procedures involving feeding and water, walking, and transport of the pet
  • Taking time to go over the "Service Contract" and discuss any questions or requests you may have.  Feel free to click the link and fill it out before your consultation.
  • All new customers receive their first dog walking session for FREE.
Service Contract (DOC — 29 KB)

Rates & Services
   A wide range of services are offered to suit different situations. The most popular services are shown below. Please call or email for additional information on rates, services, current promotions, or if you just have questions.

 ATTN: Holidays (dates listed below) are 2 X normal price.
Please call early to reserve a date especially for major holidays like Independence Day (Jul 3-5)/Thanksgiving (Nov 23-25)/Christmas (Dec. 23-25) / New Year's (31-1).

~Dog Walks~
     A vigorous 30-45min. walk along a route chosen by you. Will try to walk dogs in grassy areas whenever possible to reduce wear and tear to your pet's feet.
 $20 ($5 ea. additional dog) $15...If service is used 5 days a week.
  • Feeding/water (if desired)
  • Potty time/Waste pickup
~Dog Park Playtime~
     When walking just isn't enough, Dog Park Playtimes include all features the of a"Dog Walk" but in a more public setting. Transport by car to the nearest dog park will be provided and your pet will be given a real work out and some friends to play with. Most visits last at least an hour.
$25  ($5ea. additional dog) $20...If service is used 5 days a week.
  • Feeding/water (if desired)
  • Potty time/Waste pickup

~Light Grooming/Bath Session~
To help your furry family members get ready to paint the town red we offer a little primping.
$30 ($5 ea. additional dog) $25...If your are a regular customer.
  • Feeding/water
  • Light brushing to remove daily shed hair
  • A bath/shower and a towel dry (Shampoo included. We use hypoallergenic Orange Oil Earthbath).
  • Potty time/Waste pickup
*If you want your own shampoo used, please make it known on the service contract found at the top of this page

~Pooper Scooper~
Unless you are a weekly customer you will most likely have some extra unwanted fertilizer left by your special friend. This service makes sure your lawn stays green, not brown.

$30/week  or $100/month


  • Waste removal in the front and back yard.

~Pet Transport~
     Round trip "Limo" service for your pet to a desired location such as the veterinarian, groomer, or kennel.
$50/appt. ($5 ea. additional dog)
  • Feeding/water
  • Potty time/Waste pickup
  • Round trip transportation for your pet to a desired location (I.E. Vet.)
* Please try to make appointments before 3pm, if possible, to reduce delays involving traffic.

**Destinations outside of service area will add an extra cost factor.


~Overnight / Vacation Sitting~
     Whether if its for a last minute emergency, a night out on the town, or a week basking in the sun on a white sandy beach. We offer peace of mind that your four-legged family members will be safe in the comforts of his/her own home while you are away

 $45/per FULL DAY ($5 ea. additional dog)
***1-7 days = Normal pricing. 8-14days = 10% off. 15-21 days = 20% off.***

  • Plenty of attention and playtime.
  • Food/water, light brushing to remove daily shed hair, potty times whenever needed
  • Mail collection, plant watering, trash taken in/out, lights used/car in your driveway (Deterrent against would be thieves while your away)
Included... (Option 1)

  • A full night stay from whenever you leave till 8am the next morning.
  • Includes a 30-45min walk/checkup during the day (All features pertaining included)

Included... (Option 2)

  • 2 x 30-45min sessions. A checkup/feeding/walk in the morning and a checkup/feeding/walk in the evening.

Rewards / Promotions

1.) Refer a neighbor (Within 1/4 mile distance) and receive 10% off all your continued services. (Ex.  Full month of walking = $300 - 10% = $270). Discount applies as long as your neighbor is in our service.

2.) Refer a friend to us and get a FREE week of dog walks. Make sure your referral mentions your name at their consultation to receive your gift.

3.) All new customers receive their first dog walking session for FREE.

*Promotion 1 and 2 CAN be claimed together if both conditions are met.*
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